20 paper covers, 20 wax discs. 20 labels. Elastic bands and ribbon. Large Food Flags 5 Meters of Ribbon
Jam Jar Kit
Our Price: €8.15
Large Food Flags
Our Price: €5.40
Ribbon - Home Made
Our Price: €4.90
20 paper covers, 20 wax discs. 20 labels, elastic bands and ribbon. Fill a jar with homemade jam and decorate with waxed discs, colourful covers, labels and ribbon Add colourful crafty food flags to brighten up home baked goods and delicious spreads! 12 Large food flags, 15cm tall. 5 meter ribbon in a cute dispenser box. Handy ribbon for tying homemade gifts from your kitchen or garden.
Jam Jar Decorating Kit 5 Meters of Ribbon Cookie Bags
Jam Jar Decorating Kit
Our Price: €6.50
Ribbon - Natural
Our Price: €4.90
Cookie Bags
Our Price: €8.15
Perfect for gifting home-made delicious Jam. 20 jam jar covers, 20 wax discs, string, elastic bands and gift tags. 5 meter natural ribbon in a handy dispenser. Natural ribbong for tying homemade and homegrown gifts from the kitchen or garden. Show off delicious big round biscuits/cookies in this fab cookie bag set. 10 cookie bags with a greaseproof lining, tags, pegs and a recipe card.
40 tags in 40 designs & 4m of twine Treat Bags 1 tea towel & 50 ml of lavender and sage scented hand cream.
Tags and Twine
Our Price: €4.90
Treat Bags
Our Price: €6.50
Tea Towel & Hand cream
Our Price: €10.60
40 tags in 40 designs & 4m of twine. Delightful tags for labelling homegrown goodies Add a home-made rustic look to to any of your giftable baked goods.  Crafty treat bags with a splash of neon colour and fun stickers to seal. 12 paper treat bags in 3 sizes with a sticker sheet. A perfect gift for gardening fanatics. A sage & lavender fragranced hand cream perfectly matched with a delightful 100% cotton tea towel. 30ml moisturizing hand cream paraben free with added shea butter, vitamin A and vitamin E.