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Treat Bags Medium Loaf Moulds Sticker Sheets
Treat Bags
Our Price: €6.50
Medium Loaf Moulds
Our Price: €8.15
Sticker Sheets
Our Price: €3.75
Add a home-made rustic look to to any of your giftable baked goods.  Crafty treat bags with a splash of neon colour and fun stickers to seal. 12 paper treat bags in 3 sizes with a sticker sheet. Bake yummy loafs with rustic loaf moulds and give to friends and family. 6 oven ready loaf moulds with cellophane bags and twine. Personalise home-made giftable baked goods with rustic food labels. 6 Sticker sheets with a total of 48 stickers.
Cookie Bags Jam Jar Decorating Kit Large Food Flags
Cookie Bags
Our Price: €8.15
Jam Jar Decorating Kit
Our Price: €6.50
Large Food Flags
Our Price: €5.40
Show off delicious big round biscuits/cookies in this fab cookie bag set. 10 cookie bags with a greaseproof lining, tags, pegs and a recipe card. Perfect for gifting home-made delicious Jam. 20 jam jar covers, 20 wax discs, string, elastic bands and gift tags. Add colourful crafty food flags to brighten up home baked goods and delicious spreads! 12 Large food flags, 15cm tall.